Frequently Asked Questions
01SIDE VIEW• What is Single-side(1side)?1
If you use Single-side smart sheet, then you have to put LED bar in just one side(edge) of light panel. As you see the price list, there are many models of SMART SHEET such as 310S, 460S. 'S' is short for Single.
02SIDE VIEW• What is Double-side(2side)?2
If you use Double-side smart sheet, then you have to put LED bars in two sides(edges) of light panel(Like up and bottom edge of light panel, or left and right edge of light panel). As you see the price list, there are many models of SMART SHEET such as 310D, 460D. 'D' is short for Double.
03SIDE VIEW• What is 4side view?3
If you use four-side smart sheet, then you have to put LED bars in all sides(edges) of light panel (Like up, bottom, left, and right edge of light panel). You can make round-shape light panel by using this model. As you see the price list, there is a 600M model. 'M' means 4side view.
04MODEL No.• What does the number in the model name mean?4
The number in the model name is width of Sheet in mm. You may choose kind of SMART SHEETs following by light box. For example, when you are willing to produce size of 1400mm*550mm box, you may choose the sheet 'SS620D'. As like the below picture, just cut to match with your size.
05DOUBLE-SIDED• Is manufacturing of double-sided LGP possible?5
Yes, it is. A double sided light panel that uses a 3mm by 3mm (6mm total) acryl is manufacturable.
06STRENGTH• What is the strength of SMART SHEET?6
With SMART SHEET, there is no need for V-cutting process in manufacturing LGP. Also, illumination is more than 130% brighter than existing product. It is easy for SMART SHEET to attach within a short period of time by anyone. SMART SHEET is able to manufacture for circular, round and square LGP. Moreover, Light of whole panel is very equal, almost 95%. You are able to manufacture for very wide width with SMART SHEET. SMART SHEET reduces distribution cost due to its roll type nature.
07USER GUIDE• Please give an explanation about using SMART SHEET.7
For production of the large size we recommend to use laminating machine instead of handmade because same amount of strength to attach has to be equal when you attach SmartSheet to acryl. And it is much faster to make LGP with machine than by hand. The most important thing to make LGP is that there must not be any impurities like dust, water, oil. To remove impurities easily we use Clean roller and Clean pad.
Also, When SmartSheet is attached on 5mm acrylic board the exterior show the most equal.
08ORDER• How is the order proceeded?8
If you decide the models of smart sheet or the spec of light panel we will issue the invoice. It will take 2 or 5 days to be confirmed after you remit to our account according to total amount of invoice. After we check your remittance, we will ship the product.
Our term for shipping is based on EXW.
Another questions? Please send a message to SMART LED Customer Service Center.