Management Belief
we will intensify our competitiveness by
securing strategical partnership
with all of our customers and agents.
We will make the best one and only one product in the market, to be in a superior position in cost competitiveness, by intensifying systematic partnership with internal and external distributors, agents, and branches. And we will secure our position in the market by constantly endeavoring to make differentiated elements.

we will maximize synergy.
We will endeavor to fulfill the maximization of synergy effect of our technology.
We will raise the level of our every product by developing source technologies and upgrading critical technologies.
Also, we will make use of our ability to produce, manufacture, and construct all of our items by ourselves, to develop real convergence products and services, and we will secure the differentiated competitiveness.

we will promote new business fields like well being and health care,
and within 5 years, we will make these fields as core business fields of SMART LED, with LED business.
To achieve this, from 2014, we will establish new business promotion team and specify our new project.