CEO Message
Dear Advertisers and Customers.
I hope your family be
blessed with good health and happiness.
For the past few years, we have gone through very hard time, but steadily have endeavored to improve our products' quality, and finally we have made great achievements. We have developed a new technology that can improve the LED light panel's luminance by 150% compared to the products of other companies. And hereby we can massproduce the simple and convenient SMART products by the second half of 2010, and will be able to dominate the light panel and sign market, as well as intensify our worldwide competitiveness.
With these achievements, we really appreciate for your interests and encouragements, and now let me introduce our company's management guidelines.
To be the world-best company in light panel and sign market, we will make constant improvements of every product by choosing innovative managements, selecting talented person, making creative R&D, and intensifying our brand value.
We will secure high quality human resources to research and development, and expand the role of researching office to develop critical technology of future. Also, we will secure our No.1 position in light panel and sign market by intensifying the partnership with internal and external distributors, agents, and branches. And we will consolidate our foundation to develop future technologies by getting patent like foreign PCT patent.
To raise our brand awareness, we will conduct various marketing activities like advertising brand CI, BI, and CHARACTERs.

Now we are living in the age of dynamic changes and challenges. And SMART LED Co., Ltd. begins a new challenge. Our goal is being the most innovative company by expanding well being and health care businesses, based on LED products. To achieve this, every staff of our company will maintain our first intention and pride.
Also we will struggle to achieve the Vision 2015 「Innovation LED & Health care」. So please kindly give us constant attention and encouragements. And we look forward to a better and more prosperous future of our all customers. Thank you.